Leupold Wind River Pinnacles 8x42

This is a product review on the Leupold Wind River Pinnacles 8×42 Rifle Scope. This rifle scope can be purchased online for a price of $460 and could also be purchased at other websites for cheaper prices. The Leupold Wind River Pinnacles 8×42 Rifle Scope is very solid, compact and completely multicoated roof prism rifle [...]

Simmons Whitetail Expedition 4x12x42

The Simmons Whitetail Expedition 4x12x42 w/Adjustable Objective Rifle Scope is an outstanding rifle scope when compared to other elite rifle scopes such as the Leupold Rifleman 3x9x40. The Simmons rifle scope has a better optical clarity and could be better or the same for other more expensive rifle scopes.  Its adjustable objective makes focusing on [...]

Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 Black Matte Nikoplex

This rifle scope is manufactured by Nikon and this is a review on the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Rifle Scope. Nikon has a variety of rifle scopes to choose from and you are allowed to get them outside for testing. The Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Rifle Scope costs around a $150. This is a rather cheap one [...]

Choosing a Suitable Rifle Scope for You

Rifle Scope

A device that helps in enlarging a far object is the rifle scope. This is mostly useful for marksmen or hunters since they would often want to see a target object clearer. If you belong to the military or your hobby is hunting, then finding the correct rifle scope for you is a challenge. You [...]

Rifle Scope

A rifle scope is a device that is set up on top of a gun or a rifle. It helps in making far objects look closer and is more often used by hunters or military men more than any other people. Hunters and military people surely would want to have the appropriate rifle scope for [...]

Selecting the Best Rifle Scope for You

Rifle Scope

A lot of hunters or marksmen would prefer to get the best rifle scope for the rifle of their choice. Whether they are into serious hunting, or into the military or tactical services, a good rifle scope is a must for anybody using a rifle. This device is important when you want to enlarge a [...]

How to Select the Best Rifle Scope

Rifle Scope

A rifle scope is an optical device that is mounted in a rifle for the purpose of seeing or looking at distant objects a lot easier. This device seems most useful for hunters or for marksmen who would gladly want to make their targets easier to see by the rifle scope magnification powers. When trying [...]

Choosing the Best Rifle Scope

Rifle Scope

The significance of getting hold of the best rifle is not new to any marksman or hunter. They would often go to the ends of the world just to have the best rifle. Of course, the best rifle scope should come next to the rifle. Having a good pair of rifle scope and rifle can [...]


Here are some tips that should be helpful for you: If you have a rifle scope that has variable power, you should set it to the lowest power in order for you to get an accurate target. Higher power is only reserved for shots that are long range and controlled. The lens cap of your [...]

How can my scope be mounted?


your rifle scope can only be mounted by the correct professional gunsmith or hunter. You may also try to call the customer service department of the agency where you got the rifle scope.

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